Shown here is some of our current work. Our prices are competitive and are based on the shirt brand, quality of the garment, the number of colors and shirt sizes. There is no set-up fee or a screen charge for most orders. You only need a few shirts? No problem! We often print small quantities.

Group at the event

Stand out from the crowd!

Nothing brings a team together like custom Tees! Separate you and your group from everyone else with a colorful shirt and a great design.

If your family or group is taking a vacation, it is a great way to keep up with each other in a crowd. Call us at 601.927.4461 for information or to start your project.


Churches, Schools, Clubs, Fund Raisers, Family events, Fraternities and Sororities.
We'll help bring your special event to life.

A project usually requires two weeks from the actual order date to the delivery date.

New designs

Call us at 601.927.4461 to get started today!

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